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War Thunder Realistic: Ki-100 [Boom Baby]

War Thunder Realistic Gameplay.
Ki-100 Realistic Battle, Japan's new mid tier superprop.
War Thunder Japanese Realistic Battle (featuring Ki-100).
War Thunder, Patch 1.61. Ki-100 realistic footage.

Today its time to fly out the Ki-100 in a Realistic Battle. It has been introduced in patch 1.61, the plane based off the ki-61's. The Ki-100 has been an interesting addition to the game, although i do have some doubts as to its br. I flew out a few matches the other night, lets see how it went. Hope you enjoy :)

Watch the whole War Thunder Realistic playlist here:

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jason huiting : i'm afraid this one will follow the path of other japanese planes and will go to 4.3 or 4.7 with it's ki-61 cousins and be overmatched. 3.3-3.7 would be fine
Mob Barley : Nice video again! However I have a question at approx @10:10 when you tip over are u suing any other keys other than the rudder?

I mean I know how to effectively rope a dope opponents and have considerable success....but my reversals at the top when I stall are never that smooth...usually my plane gets some pitching wobbles at the end of the turn when I do the full rudder turn vertically...I thought it was the IAS, but mine are usually similar to yours...
naked snake : The only plane capable of countering this thing is the I-16 type 27/28
Anthony Chappell : It's arrived. I've been waiting for this plane for years. It really fills a gap in the Japanese tree and there should be another one added in the future.... hopefully.
Jovaan : Jengar some said it climb speed drop off at 6500m. That person said it's top speed in a straight line at high altitude is lower than other planes. He said that because the plane locks up in a dive, most planes can out run it from a certain extent. Some how at low altitude it's top speed is faster. This plane should not be at 3.0. This plane should be fighting yak3p. And other higher tier at a higher br.

Hindi News Live: देश-दुनिया की सुबह की 100 बड़ी खबरें I Nonstop 100 I Top 100 I June 08, 2021

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Dilli Aajtak:
RUPAK KUMAR MAHTO : Thank you central government
Tyagi Vines group : Kutto petrol oil ko lekar kuch toh bolo
Mohammad Khalid : Very good dicision thanks p m G
Durga Baheti : Modi ji please jee main ka date final kijiye
Santokh Singh : Thanks gi thanks gi thanks gi

War Thunder Premium Review: Ki-100-II [Sharp Edged]

War Thunder Arcade/Realistic Gameplay.
War Thunder Premium Review: Japanese Ki-100-II.
War Thunder patch 1.65, featuring the Japanese Ki-100-II.
Ki-100-II, patch 1.65, Way of the Samurai.

Today we take a look at the Japanese Ki-100-II , and we'll try to find out wether this plane is worth your money. We'll fly it out and see if it can perform in RB and AB, and after that i'll give you my opinion on the Ki-100-II.

Check out all my premium Reviews here:

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Abd Jr. : its climb rate is more than 1000ft per min better?!
Fedor Steinke : great stuff ! Have some nice christmasdays!
OmegaEGGY : Have you tried it out at extreme altitudes? It has a turbocharger, so I would assume it benefits more at higher altitudes than the standard Ki-100.
Beer Monster : Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and youy subscribers from UK.
Bag of Sunshine : vrolijk kersumus en een godverdoome gelukkig nieuw jaar




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