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How to select SAS cables

In this video, I show you how to select the proper SAS cable wire up your HBA and HDD/SSDs or backplane. Just remember the 4-step rule, "COLD":

C = connector type
O = orientation of connector
L = length of cable
D = direction of cable

If you need any SAS cables, you can find them in my eBay store here:

For pre-flashed IT mode HBA SAS controllers, checkout my eBay store:

eBay Partner Affiliate disclosure:

The eBay links in this video description are eBay partner affiliate links. By using these links to shop on eBay, you support my channel, at no additional cost to you. Even if you do not buy from the ART OF SERVER eBay store, any purchases you make on eBay via these links, will help support my channel. Please consider using them for your eBay shopping. Thank you for all your support! :-)
RYU47376 : bought a hp storageworks ultrium 3280 sas, for 15$... cable is more expensive than it. Hahahaha
Joel Doxtator : SFF-8654 says hello! I come in both 4i and 8i versions! Good luck buyers!
M S : awesome video! thank you so much!
Arq J.CANCINO : To anybody, i bought a Dell Perc H310 that in order to use an 8TB Seagate EXOS 7 Enterprise SAS drive that i bought on FB Marketplace, didn´t knew SAS existed before, lol, anyway, i bought that card and it works great on my Windows 10 Desktop pc, not as a boot drive, just as a regular drive, the card has the stock bios, my question, should i flash it? and why? as i said, it works fine, disk is fast, i just have that single drive 8tb drive, what would be the benefit on flashing that card, thks people.
Rod : teachers need 4 years to explain this in college

5 Best Mini SAS Cables buying guide

► Checkout These Links For Updated Price Of Mini SAS Cables;
❥ Top 1. Cable Matters Internal Mini SAS to SAS Cable►

❥ Top 2. CableCreation 2-Pack Internal Mini SAS(SFF-8087) 36Pin Right Angle Male to Internal Mini SAS (SFF-8087) 36Pin Male Cable, 0.75 Meter

❥ Top 3. Mini SAS Cable Connector SATA Power, Creation Internal Mini SAS 36pin SFF-8087 to (4) 29pin SFF-8482 connectors with SATA Power,3.3FT

❥ Top 4. CableCreation Internal HD Mini SAS Cable, Internal HD Mini SAS (SFF-8643 Host) - 4X SATA (Target) Cable,SFF-8643 to 4X SATA Cable,1.6ft, SFF-8643 for Controller, 4 Sata Connect to Hard Drive

❥ Top 5. Cable Matters Internal Mini SAS to SATA Cable (SFF-8087 to SATA Forward Breakout) 3.3 Feet

***As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.***

If you have any question, feel free to comment below.



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정주희 : 광케이블에 투명 덮개가 씌워져있는데 어떻게 벗기나요....ㅠㅠ
love FaluLaala : 정말 감사합니다ㅠㅠ 갑자기 티비소리가 안나와서 별짓 다하다 암만봐도 광 디지털 음성출력 단자가 빠져서인거같은데 도대체 어디에 연결해야할지를 몰라서 뒤지고 검색하다 해당영상보고 해결했습니다ㅠㅠ 감사합니다!
철이네농장 : 저는 엘지유플러스 유선으로 텔레비젼을 보고 있는데, 텔레비젼음성은 되나. 유튜브 영상으로 가면은 소리가 안나는데 어떻게 해결해야하는지요.
보 tothe 겸 : optical in이 광입력인가요?
mr자유인 : 우리것이 최고여
외산 제품에 현혹 되지 말아야 하지요
거품 많이 있어 사고 나면 속았다 ㅡ
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